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Shonda Rhimes' Fans support the WGA Strike
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sister community of wga_supporters, focusing on the shows created by Shonda Rhimes
a community for fans of Shonda Rhimes' Hospital-verse to reunite, discuss and organize support for the striking writers.

Offical Sites of Interest & FFWGA Affiliates:



WGA West: Official Site
United Hollywood

WGA East: Official Site
Strike Points>/a>

Deadline Hollywood Daily

Fans4Writers Web Site
Fans4Writers Forums

FFWGA Official Disclaimer:

Our group will not tolerate any of the following behavior:

+ Harassment
+ Personal Attacks
+ Sockpuppets
+ Wanks
+ Fanbrats

For violators, there will no questions, no warnings, and no appeals. You will be banned from the central community and its affiliated journals. To be completely blunt: Do Not Fuck With The Writers (that's the AMPTP's prerogative). Our sole purpose is to support the WGA, remain in steadfast solidarity, and keep the fans energized and organized.

The strike reduces the safety buffer between the fans and the writers (or actors). We can call the various Guild headquarters. We can send letters and postcards directly to them. We can join the demonstrations; debate whether the Odyssey was or was not written by a woman between shouting rallying cries. That is both fantastic and frightening. Someone could get hurt.

Therefore, if the FFWGA finds out any of the information posted in the livejournal or on www.wgasupporters.org is misused or exploited for reasons other than supporting the strike and securing fair compensation agreements for Guild members it will be removed. Moreover, we will track down the username(s) involved and alert all the necessary authorities. We will ban you from the community.

This is nonnegotiable. It is not up for debate.

I care about the writers receiving a fair contract; I care for their safety more.